Roadside Emergency Tips

Breakdowns can be an unexpected experience, but being prepared can help you stay safe in a roadside emergency. Here are some tips from the Honda parts and repair team at Honda of Stevens Creek to help you stay safe on the road.

Keep a set of jumper cables or a a portable jump-starter in your car. A portable jump-starter can be helpful if you can’t get help from a second vehicle. Periodically check on the starter to make sure that the battery stays charged. If your vehicle breaks down on the road, try to move over to an emergency lane or a shoulder. Staying away from traffic can help to keep you safe when changing a flat or any other roadside emergency.

Stay visible. Having an emergency kit can especially be helpful at night. These kits contain flashlights, flares, and other tools to make you and your car visible at night.

When you have a roadside emergency or need service performed on your vehicle, contact our auto professionals in San Jose, CA.

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