Your Differential Sends Power to Your Wheels: Treat it Well

The process of turning the power generated by your engine into forward motion is complicated and involves many systems of gears. At the end of this process is your differential, and that is one of the most critical pieces to this process.Power is obviously generated by your engine. The internal combustion creates power and that works in tandem with your transmission. This is where your gearing is done.

​Your transmission is connected to your drive line. Your drive line rotates and runs the length of the vehicle. It is connected to your differential. The rotation of your drive line is what turns the gears in your differential.Your differential is what sends power to your wheels by rotating the axles. It is geared so that different amounts of power is sent to each wheel as needed. This is so that when moving through a turn one wheel can rotate slower than the other so that the vehicle doesn't fight you as you move through the turn.

If you have any more questions about your differential or any other part of your powertrain, then feel free to ask one of the professionals in our Honda service center here at Honda of Stevens Creek.

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