What is Horsepower?

Customers searching for a new car or truck will likely ask their dealer about a vehicle's horsepower. Today's consumers can compare one engine to another by learning the horsepower of each vehicle's engine. An engine with greater horsepower will be more powerful than one with a smaller horsepower.

The origin of the term is an interesting story of creative marketing. James Watt, a Scottish inventor who was trying to market his new steam engine, wanted to convince potential customers that his engine was every bit as powerful and capable as the trusty horse. Watt worked with coal miners. He studied horses as they worked to move coal. He calculated that a single horse could move 33,000 pounds of coal about one foot per minute. With this new mathematical equation in mind, he began to market his new motor. He was able to show his customers that the engine he invented was as capable of doing work as the trusted horse.

Today, customers aren't as interested in comparing their vehicle to a horse, but they still want to know the horsepower of their new vehicle. Compare engines and learn more about horsepower at Honda of Stevens Creek, right here in sunny San Jose, CA.

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