Useful Tips for Reducing Distracted Driving Incidents

With there being so many ways to easily be distracted behind the wheel, you have to take a provocative approach if you want to stay safe on the roads. Follow the tips provided here by Honda of Stevens Creek to enjoy a safer and less-distracted driving experience.

Before you leave the house, spend time in front of the bathroom mirror so you won't be using the rearview mirror while you are driving. Take care of your makeup, combing your hair or beard, and applying lipstick in front of the mirror in your bathroom and then go driving.

Reduce the chances of being distracted behind the wheel by setting all the controls in your car while it is in park. Set the GPS, adjust the seat, fix all the mirrors, choose your radio station, and secure loose items, then put the car in park and head on the road. Come to our San Jose Honda dealership and test drive a new car packed with useful safety features that will help with distracted driving.



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