Test Drive Information: What To Do and Look For

Just using these few test drive tips can make your car shopping experience informative and enjoyable. Have a general idea about the type of vehicle you need. This will save you time. Be sure to give yourself an afternoon or morning to test drive many vehicles. You don’t want to be rushed or have to leave before you are ready.

During the drive, feel how the car handles around corners and while braking. Drive in reverse and park. Sit inside while it is running and listen to it idle. Is it quiet, smooth, or knocking?

Run the technology features. Operate the windows, wiper blades, lights, and radio. If it has a navigation system, try it out. Sit in the back seats, open any compartments and cargo areas. Ask questions as they come up. Don’t wait, or you might forget.

When you are ready, we will get you set up behind the wheel today in many vehicles. Stop by our showroom Honda of Stevens Creek soon.



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