Tips on How to Safely Jump Start a Car

If you have a dead battery, here is a guide from our Honda service team on how to jump the battery from another car:

  • Move the two vehicles nose to nose so the battery compartments are as close to each other as possible.
  • Turn off the engine of the operating vehicle.
  • The jumper cables will be marked positive and negative. Attach the positive cable to the positive terminal of the battery that is dead. Attach the other positive to the positive end of the good battery.
  • Attach the negative cable to the negative terminal on the dead battery.
  • Attach the negative end of the other cable to metal on the other car to ground it.
  • Have everyone stand back, start the car and rev the engine for a few minutes.
  • After two minutes, turn over the other car.
  • Once started, remove the jumper cables in the opposite order.
  • Bring the car to Honda of Stevens Creek to have the battery tested or replaced with a new battery if needed.


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