How to Check the Condition of Your Car's Battery

The service staff at Honda of Stevens Creek always checks the health of your vehicle's battery whenever you bring it in for work. However, it is helpful to know how to check the vehicle on your own, particularly during weather extremes, to make sure it is operating properly. Checking your battery on your own helps prevent being unexpectedly stranded somewhere in San Jose, CA or elsewhere.

The easiest way to check the state of your battery is with a voltmeter. If possible, use a digital voltmeter, which is easier to read. Prior to connecting the voltmeter to the battery, make sure you have gloves and eye wear that will protect your hands and eyes from battery acid.

Check the battery by connecting the battery's positive terminal to the positive terminal on the voltmeter and connect the negative one to its counterpart and then read the state of charge. Anything 12.4+ or better means it has sufficient power.

If you need to replace your car battery or schedule service, we invite you to give our Honda maintenance professionals a call today!

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