What Your Tire Pressure Light Tells You

We at Honda of Stevens Creek want to help you be a confident driver everywhere you drive. Today, let's address that dash-indicator light that looks like a low-air tire with an exclamation point on its tread.

If you have recently noticed this light, you might wonder what it conveys. The light is your tire pressure monitoring system indicator. It connects to four tire pressure sensors. One sensor monitors each of your vehicle's tires. When this TPMS light illuminates, your car has a tire pressure problem.

Your tires' pressure can change due to weather, time or damage. The TPMS light warns you of a general tire pressure problem that you should address immediately. To know your specific problem, you must safely park, grab your pressure gauge and check your tires' pressure and physical condition. Once you identify your the specific problem, you can quickly handle it alone or with a professional's help.



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