Rodents can cause serious damage to your vehicle. From chewing through wires and hoses to making their nest in an inconvenient location, rodents can be a nuisance for any car owner. Luckily our service center is specially trained to prevent rodents from being an issue.

At the service center, the technicians can assess your particular car's risk of rodent invasion and aid in installing countermeasures to keep the pests at bay. One tool you can find useful is rodent repellant tape, which has a very spicy coating that deters rodents from chewing on the wires. Another method used is protecting wires and tubes with metal mesh, which would be nearly impenetrable to any of the rodents' prying claws.

If you have pest concerns for your car, you can visit our dealership. The service center will be happy to assist with the installation of any countermeasures your car may need.



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