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Hand Over the Keys in San Jose for a Carefree Experience Servicing Your Honda

No South Bay body shop can repair your Honda like we can. Our San Jose Honda Service Center goes the extra mile to make sure repairs are done the right way and that you receive a carefree Honda experience.

Our Honda service center in San Jose along Stevens Creek Blvd is consistently ranked #1 in customer satisfaction, and we're the local Bay Area experts when it comes to servicing Honda vehicles. Book your appointment today for certified Honda service at Honda of Stevens Creek!

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The Right Tires for Your Vehicle

Whether you're looking to maximize your fuel economy with your tires or get as many miles as possible per set of tires, choosing between all-weather and summer tires can make all of the difference. Summer tires, often referred to as performance tires, are stiffer and have less rolling resistance, leading to more miles per gallon. All-weather tires have deeper grooves and can be rotated to increase their lifetime.

While all-weather tires are designed to perform well in many different conditions, summer tires excel in warm conditions and in the rain. 

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Tips on How to Safely Jump Start a Car

If you have a dead battery, here is a guide from our Honda service team on how to jump the battery from another car:

  • Move the two vehicles nose to nose so the battery compartments are as close to each other as possible.
  • Turn off the engine of the operating vehicle.
  • The jumper cables will be marked positive and negative. Attach the positive cable to the positive terminal of the battery that is dead. Attach the other positive to the positive end of the good battery. 
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Oil Is One of Many Fluids to Check during Routine Service

Oil is one of many fluids that our team inspects during routine service appointments. Our professional technicians strive to be accurate with every single fluid. They don't just observe your oil. They make concise assessments utilizing diagnostics. That's why our fluid service is more thorough than a general mechanic that you can choose to visit for a cheap price.

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