Every day, shoppers come into our dealership swooning over the beautiful new Honda lineup, which provides you with all the latest in safety and technology, hybrid performance and turbocharged power, and classic good looks mixed with innovative styling. But when they visit our new selection, they often wonder whether they should buy or lease. While both options are right for different Bay Area drivers—we'll let you in a few special perks to leasing a new Honda in San Jose.

Five Lease Benefits Not to Miss

  1. Drive a New Honda: When you lease, you get to drive a brand-new Honda model. This is a thrilling adventure for many San Jose shoppers, and you'll get to switch it out in a few years for another new option.
  2. Doable Monthly Payments: Our lease options are competitive, which means that you can behind the wheel of a new Honda model with all the latest perks for less. Lease payments are typically less than financing payments month to month anyway because you're trying to pay off the total price of the vehicle.
  3. Competitive Lease Specials: Thanks to our competitive monthly lease specials, you can save even more on your new Honda vehicle. These are always changing and updating, so be sure to check our current lease offers today.
  4. Low Maintenance Worries: Because your new Honda is brand-new, but also because it will likely remain under warranty for the entire time you drive it, you can eliminate any stress about costly maintenance and repair appointments.
  5. Safety and Technology: If staying on top of the latest offerings in driver's assistance and safety technology is important t you—you'll love leasing for its consistent ability to offer you the most updated automotive safety options possible.

Start shopping with your local San Jose Honda Dealership today to explore New 2021 Honda Lease Specials. We proudly serve our local customers by offering new Honda models for sale in San Jose for competitive rates.

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